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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Camlin Fine Chemicals (CFC) Limited

Jan 30,2010: CFC: Review Dec 2009 Quaterly Results
Dec 24,2009: CFC: Long Term Value.
Company Website: CamlinFineChem.com


Anonymous said...

Whats your view on Holding company Camlin,
I was impressed with management direction (Pre-school) and looks like they know what they are doing.

Art work etc... which used be luxury is now preferred by most middle, upper-middle class.

Any Thoughts........

Anonymous said...

I have already dipped into camlin, would like to know your thoughts on the potential


What'sUp Prahalad said...


Market Cap: 289.21Cr
Reserves: 58.36Cr
ROCE: 23.11%
Sales: March 2010: 340Cr
Gross Profit: 29.26Cr
Net Profit: 12.04Cr
Company is already fairly priced..
yes there is hype around education and rerating.. but I would be skeptical .. as generally it is a highly competetive business and promoter shareholding is pretty low.. a lot of work is outsourced to small scale industries.. and could be pvt firms owned by promoters..
Pre-School is still not contributing.. I would say try and reduce your avg cost of holding..

Find the range in which Camlin stock trades and try and get in at the bottom .. and sell at the top..
reducing your cost of holding..

Lots of buy recommendations.. so yes there is some interest.. but it is a fairly priced stock..

=happy investing