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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hester Biosciences: Value Buy

Hester Biosciences: 
CMP: 114.95
Market Cap: 59.67Cr
Sales March 2011: 41.97Cr
PBDIT March 2011: 18.06Cr
Net Profit: 7.6Cr

Hester Biosciences is the largest single location plant for manufacturing Poultry Vaccines in India. It is expanding capacity and entering into livestock and Pet vaccines. It has expanded capacity by 400% and entering into Livestock vaccines. 
Small shareholder base and low PE. Stock though fairly priced is Cheap at current prices due to high value products being manufactured. Venky's promoter also have poultry vaccine manufacturing but it is in pvt company and not  part of listed Venky's  

Good long term buy.

Annual Report March 2011: (Link)

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