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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Venkys India

June 14,2010: Update: Venkys March 2010 Result Review:Hold
Dec 25,2009: Update Venkys India.
May 29,2009:Venkys India: Chicken King of India


Sid said...


I remember you recommended Venkey's at real low prices. I am assuming you still track it. I have some exposure to it.
What according to you would be a good entry/exit point.

Thanks and Regards

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Pls dont call me Sir.. cause frankly speaking I am just 36 and I am not an authority .. It is just that I like stocks and investing..

having said that Venky's India is a great company.. but is it cheap no I dont think so.. if you are a long term investor and your holding cost is down you can continue to hold for long term..

If you want to switch then..
you will be much better off in GAEL or Jayant Agro..

all the news about Venky's expansion abroad is going to happen from Pvt companies held by the management I dont see that helping Venky's India.

The only thing great is the SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Eggs manufacturing in Venky's which other group companies donot have.. Venky's sells the SPF eggs for 1USD which is pretty low..

Egg is by the way one of the best nutritional foods available and india is one of the lowest cost producers of egg in the world.

The main business of Venky's is to sell day old chicks to poultry farms..

Here is a link to a report (old 2005) about indian egg industry..

I like SKM Egg as its dirt cheap.. and Venky's also has egg powder business but its in a pvt company..

=happy investing

Sid said...

Thanks WhatsUp Ji,