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Friday, August 19, 2011

Poona Dal & Oil Industries or Suryaoday Agro Industries

Poona Dal & Oil Industries 
a.k.a (also known as) Suryaoday Agro Industries.

CMP: 21.10
Market Cap: 12.04Cr
Sales TTM: 296.64Cr
PBDIT: 5.8Cr
Tax: 1.26Cr
Net Profit: 2.62Cr
Cash Flow from Operation: 2.72Cr (5 yrs Avg 2010-2006) (2yrs avg 9.87Cr)
Debt: 9.75Cr

Poona Dal & Oil Industries is an 18 yrs old Agro Processing Firm located in Pune, Maharashtra. It has 3 Processing plants located in Khed, Shirur, Daund Districts. Not much to write about but promoters hold 70% equity. Company has been paying dividends consistently for 8 yrs. Though a small company by any measure .. the secret is that the company has been managing its finances very well. 

Conclusion: At 12Cr market cap and 9.87Cr Operating cash flows (2 yrs avg)4Cr of cash in hand..  A consistent Dividend payout for past 8 yrs of 90 paisa ( 4.2% return at current market price of 21.1) This stock is a great  value buy for the long term investor. Only 4400 shareholders. An Easy double..
This is a great Value Buy. Pls note promoter have unlisted subsidiaries in the same line of business however due to high promoter holding this should not be a concern.


Anonymous said...

What a strange coincidence!!! Late night I was doing some R&D for value buys and came up with Poona Dal.

Your Hester Bio looks good. The management appears to be decent guys (imagine the MD who pays himself a meagre 33 lacs as annual salary). My concerns for Hester:

Flat growth
Small Company
Threat of bigger competition.

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Hester has expanded manufacturing capacity by 400% and is entering into Cattle, sheep and goat vaccines.

Yes Hester could be a takeover candidate..

India has the largest population of Cattle stock in the world.

Another factor not well known is that Indian cattle donot suffer from "Mad Cow Disease", infact a good quality Indian Bull Sells for a Million Dollars or more!!

=happy investing