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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Jayant Agro: Old Annual Reports 2000-2004

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Jayant Agro: June 2013 FOB Data

Though I must remind all readers.. that please do your own deep dive before investing and check for facts from your own sources.. This is "As-Is " data with Zero reliability..

For the month of June 2013 total of 221 export shipments were done by Jayant agro and its 100% subsidiary "Ihsedu Agro Chem" .. Total FOB value was: 65.03Cr and Duty Drawbacks and Sales Tax Refund for June 2013 totals upto 81.16 lakhs

Ihsedu has large orders (by Value) which are of low value add.. while Jayant is exporting smaller FOB value shipments but of higher value add (higher margins)

here is a snapshot of export data Ihsedu..

Here is snapshot of Export data : Jayant Part 1:

Here is snapshot of Export data : Jayant Part 2:

I was also looking at old annual reports year 2000-2001
Jayant reported in year ending March 2001
Sales: 102.06cr
Net Profit: 12.10cr (Net Profit Margin: 11.85% Pls note zero taxes..)
even dividend payout was a cool 4.5cr in 2001

for year ending march 2013 Jayant reported 
Sales: 1621cr
Net Profit: 36.24cr (Net Profit Margin: 2.23%)
dividend payout: 3.375cr (less than what was paid in 2001..)
clearly when sales were just 100cr Jayant was reporting over 11% profit margin.. now with 1600cr sales profit margins have dwindled down to 2.23% ..

Conclusion: My personal opinion is Jayant has been under reporting profits.. to grow in size without attracting any serious competition.. 
There is also enough room for a substantial increase in dividend payout.. and increase in stock price as margin improvement is reported.. A real hidden gem..