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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Q&A List.

March 28,2010: FII & DII Investment Activity
May 12,2010: Short Term Trading Call: sell NIFTY 5100PUT
May 21,2010: Q&A: How to do basic valuations
May 22,2010: Q&A: Confidence Petroleum: No Confidence in Confidence Petroleum.
May 26,2010: Q&A: Karuturi Global: DUMP DUMP DUMP
June 2,2010: Q&A: Confidence Petroleum: March 2010 Result review
June 16,2010: Value Investing in MidCap and SmallCap universe most profitable
June 17,2010: Peak Oil: Where do we go from here..
June 19,2010: Hydrodrive: Biofuels, Hydrogen Fuel with Positive Coefficient of Performance
June 30,2010: Arman Financial and Ganesh Polytex - Avoid
Oct 20,2010: Sell CALL NIFTY 6100 at 44
Oct 25,2010: Buy NIFTY OCT NIFTY 6000 PUT at 7.20
Oct 30,2010: SEBI Guideline 50% of public holding in Demat
April 14,2011: Short term Interest rates: Secret behind Market Moves
Sept 12,2011: EU Debt, Balance of Payment??
Sept 13,2011: Sell GOLD: Cost of Credit Vs Creation of Credit
Oct 3,2011: Where To Get Research Info for Free
Nov 11,2011: Aviation Turbine Fuel Cheaper than Petrol by 11-14 Rupees
Nov 19,2011: Buy Reliance: Marcellus Shale reserves at 41.6 TCFNG
Dec 17,2012: Ultimate Pyramid Scheme: Peak Prosperity
Dec 21,2011: The Rise of the US Dollar
Dec 20,2012: Alzheimer's Cure: Chewing Tobacco
Dec 29,2012: 3D Printing Demonstration
Jan 2,2013:Economic Times:500 List
Jan 12, 2013: One Idiot: Saving & Investing Initiative by IDFC
Feb 26,2013: Safal Niveshak: Learning how to fish
March 15,2013:Perfect Storm:Decaying Growth Dynamics


Amitabh Agrawal said...

If there is a major crisis/depression in US economy again, what will happen to Indian economy?

Which Indian companies can benefit most?

Who will loose most?

Plan B for individuals?

What'sUp Prahalad said...


The real crisis is "Peak Oil"

stocks to buy are:
Jayant agro, Gujarat Ambuja Exports (GAEL), NHPC and Tata Communications.

Jayant and GAEL are immediate (appreciation in 6-24 months) while NHPC and Tata Communications for 5+ yrs only ..

=happy investing

Amitabh Agrawal said...

Dear Prahalad,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply!

I will be pleased to know your views on commodity market in India and its opportunities ? Any inputs here?

Thanks in advance.


What'sUp Prahalad said...


I am strictly against Trading.. I dont think the (commodity) market has enough depth for money to be made..(in India)

The tested way to make money is invest in undervalued dividend paying stocks for the long term and see the value unlock..

=happy investing

Amitabh Agrawal said...

Hello Sir,

Please refer to my comment on 13May2011.

I have telling this to my close people since july 2010. The maximum time horizon i thought than was of 3 yrs. However all recent developments like Euro-Zone crisis, US debt crisis have reaffirmed my beleif that this is coming sooner! The current international scenario is just a glimpse of things to come.

Now i feel that next general election in US which is scheduled in Nov2012 should be the deadline to watch(16months only).

I wish and pray that i be proved wrong and i will be the most happiest person if things go on smoothly. But all stock specific recommendations may fail in a situation like this! I have heard great things about you from a close friend of mine. So please take this as my request to analyze the probability of the worse happening and share your views.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,


What'sUp Prahalad said...


The thing is we cannot plan for the worse and build a stockpile of gold or grains.

- The American Economy is not firing on all cylinders and has unemployment rates of 10% or more.

but Indian economy has been growing with 10% unemployment.. so things are not so simple.

US is one of the largest producers of corn, soyabean and Cotton. It is not just an economy of consumers but has technological leads over almost every other nation of the world.

What we will experience is a drop in demand from US but the economy will not collapse as US is endowed with large amount of natural resources.. agricultural lands and biotech and IT resources.

The quality of life of the average american is at risk.

The thing is there are a large number of variables.. and you dont know what we should be watching..
- US/Europe economy/currency
- Peak Oil
- Global Warming

I see Peak Oil as the sure thing to happen. US/Europe economy collapse can be easily replaced by demand from China and India.

Japan has been contracting for the last decade or more and we still see japanese companies doing well.

So the collapse of US will be a long drawn affair.

The Thing to watch is "Peak Oil" and move into assets that will be able to thrive in this (Peak oil) environment.

I see demand collapsing.. Diesel is going to be deregulated..

Govt will implement energy prices on a cost+ basis which will increase cost of basic necessities and reduce demand for add-on services/products.

I dont know what you are looking for but I think Property prices are too high in India.

The first thing is to plan for survival.
2nd thing is to plan for growth..

=happy investing