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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Book Review:The Rigveda Code By:-Rashmi Chendvankar

600 BC…. Three Hundred years after the epochal Mahabharata War... India is still haunted by the shadows of the devastating conflict of the Kuru cousins, which almost destroyed the entire land.... The epicentre of power has now shifted to the kingdom of Vrij, situated on the northern banks of the Ganga, ruled by an ambitious king who would not stop at anything to lay his hands on the most powerful weapon of the Mahabharata age... Soaring ambitions have once again brought the ancient civilisation on the dark brink of another full-scale war.... 

Against this backdrop, a warrior princess is set to change the political legacy of Ancient India – guided by her destiny... and a phenomenal man, who lived three hundred years before her... 

A man who is considered God today, but whose greatest contribution lies buried below layers of ancient history...

And buried below these very layers, lies the story of this warrior princess, who unravelled the mystery of His code – an eternal way to establish dharma in Bharat...

Will the princess change the way kingdoms in India are ruled? What is the destiny of Bharat?

This is a work of fiction, inspired by elements of Indian mythology and Ancient Indian history. The geographical references mentioned in the book are however factual.

1. The Unique 'Rajyoga'
2. The Lost Chakra
3. The Kingdom of Kosal
4. The Great Guru of Archery
5. The Battle of Kaawar
6. The Wise Old Man of Bhoganagara
7. The Visitors From Takshashila
8. The Secret Revealed
9. Love Beckons
10. The Kshatriya Code
11. The Conspiracy of Kosal
12. The Soulmates
13. Dawn and Dusk
14. The Capital Under Attack
15. The Wish of Vasumna
16. The Words of The Lord
17. The Seige of Sravasti
18. The Shadows of The Great War
19. The Seige of  Vaishali
20. The Auspicious Chakra
21. The Rule of The Ganarajas
Epilogue:2012 Archeological site at Vaishali, Bihar

About the Author:
Rashmi is a legal professional in her early thirties. She is a commerce graduate, a law graduate and a qualified company secretary. She currently heads the legal and secretarial department of an IT company in Mumbai.

Rashmi has been an avid reader of ancient Indian history. She strongly feels that history textbooks are dry and limited versions of exciting stories, which should be excavated and brought to young readers. Her fascination with an amazing event of ancient Indian history which took place in 600 BC and its intriguing connection with the Mahabharat war, led her to write her debut novel “The Rigveda Code”. 

Rashmi stays in Mumbai with her husband, Lalit, her three year old son, Sohum, and her in-laws, Maya and Mohan.

Book: "The Rigveda Code"
Publisher: Partridge India www.partridgepublishing.com/india
Stories are told to convey important underlying points which are to be carried over generations. The author in her book "The Rigveda Code" helps us decode the meaning of "the last Hymn of the Rigveda".

...Assemble, speak together, let your minds be all of one accord,
As ancient Gods unanimously  sit down to their appointed share..
The place is common, common the assembly, common the mind,
so be your thought united.
A common purpose I lay before you,
to worship with your offerings..

One and the same be your resolve,
and be your minds of one accord,
United be the thoughts of all, that all may happily agree..

Its a very well written book and an interesting read no doubt with good storytelling... The good part is that we are all looking back at our roots to get a better understanding of our true self..

If "Lord of the Rings" is used as an educational book .. "The Rigveda Code" would make an excellent educational book giving us(children) a glimpse of our rich heritage..

Did I know the meaning of the Last Hymn of "Rigveda" before reading this book?...... NOPE

Do I now understand the meaning of the last Hymn of "Rigveda" after reading this book??.. A definite YES!!

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