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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Manugraph: Bullish undertone..

CMP: 47.5 Mcap:144.47cr..

Was just looking at Manugraph.. 
Feb 7,2018 outcome of Board meeting states:

Board approves proposal to merge 100% subsidiaries and group companies with Manugraph..

WOW!!! Thats BIG Really BIG News!!

now if I look at companies with similar addresses as manugraph

it states there are 2095 companies with similar addresses.. I checked a few... not all 2095 companies have same promoters as manugraph..(the one marked is not a promoter company)  but to say the list above is the complete list of companies owned by promoters would also be wrong..

So all said and done.. the statement that promoters are going to merge group companies into manugraph.. means we are going to see value unlocking.. 

predicting when that will happen .. would be speculating.. 

No of shareholders:
Dec 2017: 11,221 
Dec 2016: 11,942
Dec 2015: 12,248
Dec 2014: 11,873
Dec 2013: 12,404

lowest no of shareholders in past 5 yrs!!

Lets close by saying this is an interesting development to be kept in mind.. with bullish undertones..

=happy investing


Anonymous said...


Do you see it going up anytime soon?

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Wish it was as easy as me "saying it" and the stock moving up..
to create wealth from Equities one needs:
-10% money
-20% knowledge
-30% luck
-40% patience..

the key is patience... which is the game changer..

=happy investing

Anonymous said...

Could there be a re-valuation of the share price post these merging of group companies?

Anonymous said...


Looking at the current moment of Manugraph, Do you feel it's an exit?

What'sUp Prahalad said...

buy karo with both hands is my advice..
company fundamentals have not changed..

its a long term value stock.. its just that there is a cash crunch and hence there is selling across the board as Govt of india has reduced the float of cash in the market (to keep inflation in check)

=happy investing

arumugam T Doss said...

In the amalgamation process, management smartly didn't include the multigraph machinery (Sales division). What's your thought on this?

Soniya Tanwar said...

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