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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Heart Healthy: Nitric Oxide: Garlic + Onions

Cardiovascular disease is the single largest cause of death in India 29% of all chronic diseases. Diabetese in urban India is second highest in the world. These are statistics provided by the Govt. of India in their website.

It seems Garlic is the answer to both these problems..

In 1998 Nobel prize for medicine was given to 3 doctors(Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro, Ferid Murad) for discovering Nitric Oxide as the signalling molecule in cardiovascular system. Here are some important observations.

- endothelial cells of arteries makes nitric oxide..
- when you exercise nitric oxide is produced by arteries in the endothelial cells (that is why exercise is good for the heart)
- Nitric Oxide is the best vassal dilator
   - widens the blood vessels ..increasing blood flow throughout the body
   - Soften the blood vessels ..reversing the hardening of arteries
   - Relax the blood vessels ..help to overcome high blood pressure
- Nitric Oxide also inhibits and melts away plaque formation ..prevent and reverse atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke, impotence, peripheral artery disease..
- Diabetese problem also can be solved as L-arginine helps in production of insuline

If you do a lot of search on the net..this is the conclusion that I came up with..

1. To produce the Nitric Oxide the body needs L-arginine.
2. precursor to L-arginine is L-citrulline.
3. L-Citrulline is found in large quantities in Garlic, Onion and Watermelon (watermelon shell [which we generally throw]contains 60%)

Nitric Oxide is what Viagra supplies to targeted parts of our body using L-citrulline. There are a host of very special drugs developed to target Nitric oxide supplies (just like Viagra) to specific parts of the body (heart)

So here we have it .. the best natural medicine to have is raw garlic (with water) 3 times a day.
You can see some observations:
1. You will be more energetic.. (if you find yourself out of energy before garlic)
2. Your blood pressure will be down  (if you have high blood pressure before starting garlic)
3. You will also observe that your breathlessness while climbing stairs will reduce (Stress on heart when you exert additional pressure before starting garlic)
4. You will have the Viagra effect !! (If you do face any problems in bed .. before starting garlic)
5. You will be less susceptible to allergies and viruses (flue et cetera)
6. Loose fat and develop more muscles (you will have to do some excercise to build muscles but fat will be chewed by Garlic without any effort will take time though)

Take raw garlic ..4 pieces every time & chew it .. gulp it down with water 3 times a day and within 3 weeks you will see a different you. Tell me about it!! Raw unwashed Onion also helps .. but RAW Garlic is the best.

Please Note: This is my free advise.. I have old parents and I was looking for more info on heart and blood glucose problem and move them away from the medicine cycle.. As always please do your own deep dive.

Dr Ignarro Interview 1 (youtube)
Dr Ignarro Interview 2 (youtube)
Dr Ignarro Interview 3 (youtube)


Jaya said...

thats a good article Whatsup....only thing is if this is so, then what would Jains and Krsna Conscious pple do???

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Thank you for your patronage! (Is that you Radhika!!)

According to me.. Religion is a way of leading life..

There are reasons why some things are given out as religious beliefs/dictate..

1. Marriage season is generally right after harvest season when food is plenty (so that you can feed all who attend the marriage)

2. Also some dictates’ are meant for that age..(like the "sati Pratha" was meant because when you lost a battle the enemy would ravage the women folk..)

3. Similarly Garlic is one of the traditional medicine of ayurveda.. The reason Garlic is suggested not to be consumed is because of Aphrodisiac effects of garlic which would deter your ability to pray..

4. I am sure no religion is against procreation which is one of the most vital function of human life..
The problem is the misuse of Power .. as they say "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.."

5. As guru's and swami's the power one holds over your subjects/devotees is misused .. to prevent misuse it is suggested not to consume garlic..

6. Garlic helps you relax by lowering your blood pressure.. it should actually help you in meditation.. They key is to have the knowledge of its aphrodisiac effect and control your feelings..

Which will make you a true believer of your respective religions..

Things are passed down generations and become rule of law.. without much thought.. as a firm believer of your religion you must truly understand that there are so many rules and regulations which no longer make any sense..

To protect one's life is one of your prime goal as much as it is to prevent destruction of another life..

I hope it makes sense..

=happy investing

mk said...

Dear Mr.Prahalad,

I would like to know if I can cut 2 pcs of garlic into small beeds and swallow it with water without chewing them.

Because chewing garlic is very traumatic and I am unable to chew them raw.

Second important item, I would like to speak to you about Balance sheet analysis. Can you please shae your email id and contact no. to my google id murkrishan@google.com


What'sUp Prahalad said...


I guess we could slice the garlic and swallow it with water..

It is in consuming raw garlic and its juices that we are concerned.. having said that I am no doctor.. and this is just a personal recommendation .. please keep track of any positive and negative changes that you observe ...

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...


I guess we could slice the garlic and swallow it with water..

It is in consuming raw garlic and its juices that we are concerned.. having said that I am no doctor.. and this is just a personal recommendation .. please keep track of any positive and negative changes that you observe ...

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Dont know how I can help you with balance sheet analysis.
The important thing is "your interest" with regards to understanding balance sheets/income statements and statement of cash flows..

1. You can go through the tutorial about fundamental analysis in Investopedia

2. Once you have understood the numbers and their values you can find the respective company details(for example: Gujarat ambuja exports) in some of the free sites such as moneycontrol.

This is what I can share .. as this is how I started off..
Also annual reports are available in company websites.. It is always better to start with a small companies annual report (like GAEL of Jayant Agro)

Reading the annual report for company such as Reliance or Hindustan Lever is going to confuse you because of the large amount of changes/subsidiaries et cetra..

=happy investing

mk said...

Thank you very much for your reply. I already have started using money control for my analysis.I am lacking the method to find and understand equity dilutions , FCCB conversions and its impact on EPS etc.

This is where I am seeking a tutor.


What'sUp Prahalad said...


I dont think I have any such knowledge/info to share about Equity Dilutions.. FCCB conversions..

Generally as a rule any new investment takes time to be productive and Equity dilutions/FCCB conversions are generally associated with capacity changes or new investments (like Bharti zain deal)

Also with so many stocks to choose from one can move out of stocks that are in FCCB/Equity dilution mode.. and wait and watch.. as one can see the market gives enough time for investors to get in and get out only if one is practical in the decision making process (easy to say hard to follow!!)

I hope all this .. makes some sense..
=happy investing