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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hydrodrive: Peak Oil: Biofuels, Hydrogen Fuel: Positive Coefficient of Performance

Biofuels have lot of problems associated with their widespread use.
1. Land used for food crops will have to be shared with biofuels
2. It requires more energy to produce biofuels than energy available from biofuels.
3. Biofuels contain water levels which are higher than Internal combustion engines can tolerate and hence require further processing to remove excess water

There is one company in India that has patented technologies which helps in use of biofuels. Hydrodrive is the company which helps in use of biofuels with higher water content. Infact they have said that 25% water can be mixed with diesel and we can still get the same amount of energy/work done.
This technology of mixing water with fuel has already been implemented and device is being shipped by original equipment manufacturers as part of their diesel engines like Triveni Engineering works, Alfa Lava.

Hydrodrive has also created an Electronic catalytic converter which reduces harmfull gases from Internal Combustion Engines with an improvement in mileage for the vehicles (5-10% improvement in fuel efficiency 50% reduction in harmful gases). This technology has been implemented in China, Philippines and in India.

Hydrodrive has also created systems which are being used in Europe for synthetic high octane diesel with cetane index of 80 from straight vegetable oils and is also being used in efficient production of bio fuels from algae.

Hydrodrive is an essential component of the system to produce Hydrogen from water with a positive COP(Coefficient Of Performance) between 1-9 [the best possible]
Positive Coefficient of performance means you generate more energy than what is fed as input energy into the system. Even current gas based power plants and thermal power plants have a COP less than 1.

So folks here is the link to the company website: http://www.hydrodrive.co.in/ surprisingly not well known even when the promoter Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan has been awarded the Gold Prize by Far Eastern Economic Review Year 2001. Former President of India Abdul Kalam had also visited the company and recommended Tata Motors to work on developing a system to implement the diesel/petrol mix with water for Internal Combustion Vehicles.


Niranjan Boora said...

Really, seems like an innovative company. But how to get a pie of the company as a small investor? I think this kind of companies are listed in Indian Stock Exchange, right?

We could see Walchandnagar Industries, but it is not a innovative company but just manufacturer of different high-tech engg products.

What'sUp Prahalad said...


I checked it out Hydrodrive is a pvt company. It is not listed..

Investment in hydrodrive is a good question.. I have'nt spoken to the owner but it would be a good idea to speak to him and pick his brain about anyway to get involved..

One must remember that it is generally very difficult to make money from new technology... and 90% of all startup end in failure..

=happy investing