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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gujarat Ambuja Exports: Announcement: Very Strong Buy!!

Gujarat Ambuja Exports on July 16,2010 published a company update.

Meeting of board of directors and audit committee of the company on July 28,2010. The agenda of the meeting is:
1. Re-numeration of Executive directors and payment of commission.
2. Recommend increase in re-numeration of Vice President (VP) Works
3. To approve Audited Financial Results for year ending March 31,2010
4. To approve unaudited Financial resuts for the Quarter 1 ie Quarter ending June 30,2010
5. To consider recommend appointment of VAT auditors.
6. To recommend Final Dividend if any for the Financial Year 2009-2010

So in the next 2 weeks we will see latest quarterly results and will also come to know if Gujarat Ambuja Exports will give additional dividend for the year ending March 2010.

The latest Quarterly shareholding pattern had some important developments which I think we as individual investors need to review with a different set of eyes..

Conclusion: GAEL is right now poised .. poised for a leap beyond our imagination because the stock has moved firmly into the hands of strong hands and we can expect only good news to flow which will support the share price further. From now till July end the stock price could be volatile to shake the weak hands further.. and will be an opportune time for new investors and investors waiting on the sidelines.. if and when the stock corrects.. Investors already invested in GAEL should be ready to hold their stocks with a long term perspective as GAEL stock is right now at its bottom not anywhere close to its expected share price..

40 would be the first stop where we can offload some shares .. Personally I would not advise selling GAEL even at 40.. Hope we all have the foresight to look beyond the obvious (GAEL already close to its 52 week high!! of 32)

=Happy Investing


Jaya said...

Hi WhatsUp,

Thanks for the close monitoring n updates posted by u now and then on the board and here on ur blog. really appreciate ur hard work, enthu and confidence in this scrip.

all of us GAEL shareholders are looking at the mouth watering rs 40 share price of gael. i too shall retain some for long term after it reaches this target..

cheers !!

What'sUp Prahalad said...


40 is just the beginning .. and most likely the stock is going to experience some selling at 40 level (hopefully!!) ..

=happy investing

Mahesh said...

Dear Phralad Sir,

People are selling due to average Q1 Result that shows them they are Qurterly Traders :). But i have bought GAEL @ 16,5k shares, i will give enough time to GAEL to show their strength and i am sure they will. I THANK YOU for thier wonderfull stock :). You keep you research continue despite bad argumentents from Quarterly traders :).

Stock show be held min 3-5 years to get full benifit.

I am silient follower of your blog but in MMB i seen some arguments against you so thought of commenting you about how good you are :).

Thank you sir.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Mahesh ji:

Please no Sir.. I think all are equal.. and I really dont have anything more/less to offer than any other person..

and as far as criticism is concerned..
actually in God's eyes there is no good/bad/evil/hapiness/suffering..
So its best to let it "Pass"
Attachment leads to misery..
Only thing we can do is our "Karma/Duty"
whether its hapiness or sad state
"Ye Waqt Guzar Jayega"
(This time/state will also come to pass)
Also as said "It is darkest before dawn "

So rest assured we should all end up happy in the long run..

Thank you for your kind/reassuring words..

=happy investing

Pradyot kr said...

Thank u sir . You are awesome. I still don't know if ur predictions and calculations will be right. But u r really convincing. My deepest gratitude for ur real hard work. Blessed is the man who helps others.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Pradyot Kumar:

"Blessed is the man who helps others"

Thank You for your comments..
Well the thing is it really does not take much to "help others"

1. You should do what you love..
2. As you can see it does'nt take much to make it usefull for others.. (since I love doing research..)

As they say "the initial class system was put in place based on your job qualification" which was then turned on its head for power and control..

"The truth will set you free!!"

=happy investing

Vijay Kurhade said...

MFs have offloaded GAEL from 6.5% to only 4.8% now

how do you explain that move n why this scrip has any merit to even grow 10% in future?

Why are those crazy promoters buying even when they have 64% with them

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Its close to its 52 week high.

MF money is after all our money.. (investors are you and me..)

Why buying?.. well its really Cheap!!

Promoters buying is a strong indicator of the positive future for the company..

Hold on to your stocks of GAEL and you will be rewarded..

=happy investing