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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Company: Jayant Agro Organics: Castor oil use/derivatives

Here is an interesting writeup about Castor Oil 

I hope the links are available for a long time to come so that everyone gets to read them.. Please download a copy of the documents (just in case) 

- Tooth brush bristles, food grade plastics all are end products that use castor oil derivatives
- Baby Diaper for prevention of rashes use Sebacic Acid
- Skin Cream, lotions, Dettol and other antiseptics use castor oil derivatives
- High performance polymers are derived from castor oil derivatives.
- Castor oil derivatives is being used in road construction as it reduces the temperature requirement for melting tar (bitumen) from 160C to 120C reducing energy requirements.
- Lubricants, adhesives, Polyurethane resins, paints, ink.
- Castor due to the fact that its a biodegradable product is being used in stents (which dissolve after some time, stitches that are not required to be removed (MIT Link)

Jayant Agro has in Dec 2010 Quaterly results also announced formation of a new subsidiary Ihsedu Itoh Green Chemicals Marketing Pvt Limited another venture where Jayant agro is the majority partner.

Conclusion: Jayant agro is in a sweet spot Rs 100-110 levels a great entry price for long term multibagger returns.. Please note best results are by holding the stock for long term as these JV and subsidiaries will deliver results and improvement in balance sheet and acknowledgement by market for a market cap to reach 1 times sales will take a few years.. 1 year 100% return is very much present from current levels.


Jagan said...

Hi Prahalad,

Request you to kindly through the light and your views on "Kothari Products" and Unique Organics!


Anonymous said...

Hi Prahalad,
All commodity price going up...I feel rice related stock have good future in india. last few weeks i saw siva group accumulating some rice related stocks, even Jim roger is bullish on rice. What is your call on this commodity? can you suggest two three rice related stocks for investment?my take is Usher Agro and kohinoor . I appreciate your reply.thanks

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Usher Agro and Kohinoor are companies with high debt and -ve cash flows from operations .. which means the companies are making no profit at the operating level..

I would say a strict avoid.

Rice processing mills are not doing much value add..

companies like GAEL and jayant are producing value added products (derivatives) which are being used to produce complex products..

look at toothpaste which contains sorbitol made from maize..

rice wheat are commodities which the govt will control if the prices increase .. dis-proportionally by export bans or hoarding restrictions..
So look for companies that are adding value beyond the basic level..

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Unique organics and kothari products looks good/cheap....
though promoter shareholding is low in unique .. but initial investments can be made..

=happy investing

Jagan said...

Thanks Prahald!