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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Company: Gujarat Ambuja Exports: Company Product Video

Please find Updated Link to Gujarat Ambuja Exports Product video.

Transcript of the product video..
Just like we need air to breath.. air too needs oxygen..
Just like we need water to survive water too needs hydrogen

likewise there are several such unseen elements that  continue to perform silently  and add tremendous value to the final product..  here is an inside story of few such products

Confectionery manufacturers that believe in enhancing the shelf life of their products do so.. by believing in the power of our non GMO Soya lecithin..liquid glucose and maize starch

Thick mouth watering ice creams do not happen by chance..but are a result of the conscious decision of using. our non GMO Soya lecithin, Liquid Glucose, Maize Starch and Dextrose Monohydrate

The controlled ice crystals in frozen dairy products .. the tenderness and sweetness of marsh mellows the glossy finish of gums and candies all possible because of our one multi-faceted product ..Dextrose Monohydrate

Crunchy cookies and biscuits are now everyone forte largely due to the large scale acceptance of our non GMO De fatted Soya flour toasted..and non GMO Soya Lecithin

And the baby foods enriched and fortified with our non GMO De fatted soya flour toasted and non GMO soya flour full fat enzyme active and Maltose Dextrin .. who wouldn't wish to be a baby again ..

Steaming hot pasta's and gravies are now increasingly tempting owning to emulsification action of non GMO De fatted soya flour untoasted..and maize starch 

Our NON GMO Full fat soya flour enzyme inactive and maize starch keeps pastries and cakes fresh for a long long time..

namkeens are endowed with unmatched crunchiness and lesser oil consumption thanks to our non GMO Full fat soya flour enzyme inactive and maize starch ..

Free from cholesterol, low in saturated fat and rich in Tocopherol (vitamin E) our refined soya bean oil has redefined good health ..

while our vanaspathi ghee owning to its shelf life enhancing properties is the product of choice for puff, nankhatais and khari manufacturers 

Pets and fish now have a healthy alternative that ensures lower mortality and higher immunity because pet and aqua food brands now rely on our feed grade non GMO Defatted soya flour toasted and our non GMO Full fat soya flour..

Think of any food products and you will find our products right inside..

yummy ice creams 
sinful chocolates
finger licking pastries
golden brown biscuits
spongy cakes
delicious soups
mouth watering biryani
mind blowing pastas
frozen deserts
cool beverages
soul caressing jalebis
tongue tingling samosas
smooth icings
crunchy chips
fortified cereals 

apart from foods you will find our products empowering many an industry ..

- most crayon brands that kids love are in love with our dextrines
- leading textile brands depend upon our sorbitol for a superior sheen and on our maize starch for a permanent smooth finish of their fabrics..
- the cool cool sensation that most shaving creams and toothpaste deliver are largely due to our magical sorbitol
whatever be the industry ..what ever be the application needs we have the right products that fit in just perfectly..we are gujarat ambuja exports limited

with exports to over 60 countries and an ever increasing list of clients ..we are india's leading manufacturer and exporter of essential ingredients that help you create brands out of your products.. brands that your customers will remain loyal to .. for a long long time..

gujarat ambuja exports limited.. products that enrich your brands.

The good part is the client list .. 
Global Client list :
Ellora Agro industries
Grand mills for flour and feeds
Tata Africa holdings
Strategic foods international Co LLC
Modern Co for food products
Refined food company
National Biscuit and confectionaries co
English Biscuit manufacturers pvt ltd
Carton products ltd
Kuwait Biscuit and food manufacturers co
Omani packaging company
San Miguel foods incorporated
National company for sponge and plastics
Kuwait flour mills and bakeries co
MS unipex dairy products co ltd
AB Mauri lanka pvt ltd
Ceylon biscuits limited
Fooz factory for biscuits
Nizwa food industries llc
Mufindi paper mills limited
Myanma pharmaceutical industries

Indian cleints:
- ITC Limited
- Amul Dairy 
- Heinz India
- Britannia Industries
- Dabur India
- Hindustan Lever ltd
- Parle Products
- Vadilal Industries
- Priya Gold Biscuits
- Colgate Palmolive India Ltd
- Paras Pharmaceuticals
- Goodrick Group of Companies
- Biocon Ltd
- British Biologicals
- P&G Pharmaceuticals
- Choice Laboratories
- Balsara Home Products
- JP Laboratories
- Agiomed Ltd
- Manisha Pharma Plast
- Goran Pharmaceuticals
- IPCO Industries
- Anchor Health and Beauty

Conclusion: Well GAEL is like a consumer goods company.. the good part is because its an ingredient manufacturer .. for complex products ..whether you have biscuits from Britannia or Priya Gold biscuits, toothpaste from P&G or Ancor .. the real winner is GAEL. So the important task for GAEL management is to concentrate in maintaining margins i.e. increasing efficiencies and GAEL will do well.. as the Indian and worldwide consumption story unfolds.. Deep Deep Value Buy!


Anonymous said...

sir your research is tremendous but market is down so mind not working what to buy

What'sUp Prahalad said...


I can only give you ideas .. I cannot take ownership for your wealth management.. (I actually might do a bad job..)
Also its important to control/manage your finances yourself..

having said that.. my personal favorites are : Jayant Agro and Gujarat Ambuja Exports.

ofcourse there are a host of stocks listed (in my blog) which could be as good or better.. than my favorite..

=happy investing

Kalpesh said...

awesome man too goooodd...really nevr seen a research soooo deeep like urs....truely amazing fab job sir.....what do u suggest whne the mkts are down ...i mean whts ur opinion for mkt... :)
and wanted to know where are you based ??

Anonymous said...

Great work Prahalad-ji,

I bought GAEL and Jayant based on your research and suggestions.

Holdings are down a bit but I have no doubt that these will eventually turn out to be winners.

Please keep up the good work!

BTW you haven't commented much on your other "Best Buys": NHPC and Tata Comm.

I get that GAEL and Jayant are your favourites but when time permits do also please follow up on your other best buys

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Kalpesh bhai:

I love my privacy.. but I am based out of Mumbai.. that is all that I can disclose.

Markets will rise .. I am however worried about the "Peak oil" which will destroy some sectors ..

GAEL, Jayant, NHPC and Tata Communications are great buys considering the uncertain future due to "Peak oil" ..

I would say accumulate.. I hope everyone is waiting to reinvest their dividends :-)

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...


NHPC and Tata Communication are the future index heavyweights .. we need to be really patient with these investments .. I would say 5-10 years.. minimum.

Current prices for NHPC and Tata Communications is really appealing
and can be bought for long term..

=happy investing