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Monday, March 07, 2011

GAEL: HSBC Mutual fund buying into GAEL

Looks like there is accumulation by HSBC mutual fund into GAEL ..

at 32 bucks that is 9.24Cr worth of cash into GAEL.. in past 6 months.. WOW!! 
Also the 180 days(6 months) and 90 days (3 months) avg prices are 33.1 and 35.37.
(link to original source in moneycontrol)
Conclusion: This is a great price.. and we are seeing acknowledgement from professionals like HSBC mutual fund.. since they have bought for more than 1 fund which means that its an identified stock by the fund house.

Thanks Purushottam for the follow up and sharing the info with everyone on this blog.


Kalpesh said...
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What'sUp Prahalad said...


HSBC buying was in Nov-Dec-Jan ie 3-6 months back..
so taking 3-6 months Exponential moving avg (EMA) as the price: it falls between 33-35 per share

(some ball park calculation..)

=happy investing