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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jayant Agro: Castor Oil derivatives used in Solar panels

One more futuristic uses of "Castor": Reduce cost and also make Solar Panels environment friendly

Photovoltaic Panels used in Solar Energy is wrapped in an insulating environment to withstand the harsh environment this insulating environment is called "Back Sheet"
The purpose of this casing "Back Sheet" is to Protect the Panel, Keep the moisture out and provide a certain electrical value so that solar panels can generate electricity in a conventional manner.
A typical "Back Sheet" uses 8 different layered components. BioSolar will replace the structure with one layer of bio-based material derived from castor bean oil. 

"We buy the resin—a castor bean based nylon 11 resin—and formulate it by mixing other ingredients to enhance its properties. The new product increases its resistance to water and becomes more insulating, and more affordable. We call the product, ‘BioBacksheet.’"
BioBacksheet achieves all three goals for photovoltaic solar panel manufacturers through guaranteed longtime durability, cost savings and the introduction of more green material. 
Conclusion: Castor Oil is a Natural Oil Polyol-There is no substitute in nature for its unique Biochemical structure. Modification of the Molecular Structure by dehydration yields a unique drying oil-that is superior to any other vegetable oil. Castor Oil Derivatives are unique to high performance greases and cannot be substituted. Castor Oil and Castor derivatives are Bio-Renewable, Bios sustainable. Buy Jayant Agro Organics one of the largest players in processing of Castor oil in India. India is the largest exporter of Castor oil in the world with 90% of all exports originating from India.
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Kalpesh said...

hey man whts up..hw u doin..?? came across an old article ...thght of sharing with u ...hope it helps u :)


What'sUp Prahalad said...


Bidding my time.. with my investments ie. GAEL and Jayant Agro which are 90% of my portfolio I must confess..

The biggest problem with investment is "your self" hence the statement "bidding my time"

The greatest teacher is life itself.. and one needs to always be looking questioning .. the best ability is to see your self clearly.

- I had 30,000 shares of Godrej industries at avg price of 8 bucks I made 3 lakhs (short term capital gains) If I had held it for 2 more year it would have been more than a Crore.. (by the way Godrej industries is a SELL at current prices)
- 10,000+ shares of venkys at cost price of less than 100 made maybe 10 lakhs but could have been a multibagger if I held it for 1 more year..

- SRZ in US avg cost 0.59USD (59 cents) 11,681 shares CMP: 11.34USD (investment time frame 2.5 years )

Conclusion: Work hard in identifying good stocks.. and hold on to them till you get a fair value.. these 100% rise and 50% fall in price is part of shake and bake.. Just buy Jayant Agro and GAEL and hold on to it..

(PN: donot take loan and invest.. it should be free cash.. you dont need for next few years (3+) to really hit jackpot.. )

=happy investing

Kalpesh said...

hey man ...thnx a lot for sharing ur experience wid stock mkt really helps me being a starter in investing...by the way u really had invested in these stocks at real low?? wow must hv earned really well....Hope u share some more of your experiences n succes here..

As you said u need to identify stocks which are real good...well i donno how to really identify these kind of stocks??...I mean will they really be running as I would be expecting n all in whtever period i would hold thm.?? with all the things happning arnd many biz are facing sme reall hard time to be in good terms...soo just would like to know hw to identify n get on to them from your side..? :)

hope u liked the article shared


Kalpesh said...

n yaa I dont belive in borrowing n trading or making money ....will do with less money but not wid borrowing as u rightly said...
also dont belive much in F&O things though ppl say its good..but still

km said...

Dear Prahalad,

I hold a good volume of Vijay shanthi builders at an avg price of Rs.40. This stock seems to have been kept suppressed since promoter wanted to hike his stake by infusing money for buying another company. Now they have achieved their goal and the promoter's stake is 66% now.

Since I hail from chennai , I have seen the completed projects of Vijay shanthi builders. Few projects are really prestegious. Being a real estate stock it is further kept suppressed around Rs.21 or 22. Can you please take a look at the back ground of this stock and give me your opinion. If this stock was from any other sector other than real estate , I would call it a multi-bagger. For now , will it al least be a 2 or 3 bagger?


km said...

Further to add, they have around 200 crores worth of finished flats coming up for market consumption. They have continuous projects coming up for the next few years. The company is not over leveraged by debt.

Since I have already entered , is it worth while averaging it at current prices and holding for next 2 years?

Your guidance will be very valuable to take a proper decision.


What'sUp Prahalad said...


I dont like Vijay shanti builders..

1. do a sell and then buyback.. to book short term losses..
2. If you have short term profits you can write them off against the losses in Vijay shanti builders..
3. Company has a -ve cash flow (5 yrs avg is -8.6Cr) from operations which means it needs infusion of funds to keep the business running.

4. Also I donot like real estate sector as such cause its unorganized and lot of money is transacted in black/white.. and you buy a house once in a lifetime .. while consumption stories have repeat customers.. (like food, chemicals, liquor, soap, consumables etc)

If I was in your shoes I would try and determine the support and resistance levels for Vijay shanti and buy at support and sell at resistance levels to bring avg cost down..

That would be my primary objective of buying at current low levels..

Hope that helps

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...


When I bought Godrej industries Pre-split it was a FV Rs 6 stock was priced at 50.. which was its avg price.(Godrej industries was not available at 52 week low)

Godrej promoters had done a stock buyback at 18 and they were buying from the market increasing their holding..

At standalone level the stock was fairly priced it was only the consolidated data that made Godrej Industries attractive (for me)

Venky's had never crossed 160 levels for past 5years or more.. though it was valued at a discount.. the market news was that "gujarati's donot invest in Non Veg stocks!!"
So the answer to your question: how do you determine value??..
It is not so easy.. as all stocks look fairly valued (or fairly cheap[when market is down like now!!])
Good strong indicators are:
- Promoter buying
- New capacity being setup
- no of shareholders reducing (consolidation of stocks in few hands)

In addition to these the fundamentals of the company should be good.
- +ve Cash Flow from operations
- Good ROCE
- Manageable or Zero Debt
- Must be dividend paying

Generally companies do go through short term -ve situations (like Pitti, GAEL in 2009) which give you an opportunity to buy at discounted levels..

You need to have the vision to differentiate Short term -ve which the company can overcome and buy at those levels..

Thanks for the article on Sanjay Bakshi..

I hope all this makes sense..

=happy investing

Kalpesh said...

hey thnx for your valuable inputs..
these all are surely usful n helpful for me to try out oppportunities in findin such multibaggers...
hope to have more such gr8 inputs from u comin

thnks a lot..

Murali said...

Thank Prahalad for your views on Vijay Shanthi Builders.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prahalad,
It nice to see your experience in the market. I was one of the follower of your comments in long time. I remember when you recament venkyies india at lower level But i bought it and after long wait i sold at loss. Even if I have long experience in the market so far I am not made Big Bucks in markets.Reccently I read one of the book " Fooled by randomness ' After My reading that book I too belive in LUCK in our investment. Personally I felt this after my sales lot of shares given to multibagger return. Kindly share your personal view about this subject.

What'sUp Prahalad said...


"Fooled by Randomness" basically tells us that the effect of noise on stock price.. which causes the stock price to fluctuate widely on positive or negative side..

If you are investing based on "Fundamentals" you will be able to cut noise..

=happy investing