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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gujarat Ambuja Exports: Funds invested in Gujarat Ambuja Exports

Here is the list of funds invested in Gujarat Ambuja Exports.

The list seems to be only of Foreign Funds invested in Gujarat Ambuja Exports as it does not have Reliance Growth Fund listed which holds 4.55% of GAEL's Equity

Dimensional Fund Advisors seems to "Like" GAEL and the Star ratings are Morning Star rating of the funds..

Conclusion: We have good company and we just need to hold on to our "Cheap" GAEL stocks. In case you have not bought you can make an entry at these levels as company is all set to report 85-90Cr net profit(Est. March 2011) and current market cap of GAEL is just 421Cr "Deep Value Buy for a Fundamentally Strong Company" 


Kalpesh said...

thanks for the gr8 info...most of the fund companies have entered in the month of Feb March ..which was the low side of the market..it seems to be really a good time to invest now also...thanks

Jagan said...

Dear Prahalad,
Kindly though the light on KS Oils, especially as it reached such a low valuation(Sales/MCap: 4000Cr/1200)

Worried about promoter's pledging of shares (around 25%).


What'sUp Prahalad said...


I think the equity is going to increase (tripple.. there are warrants of about 74Cr as per march 2010 annual report)

=happy investing

Praveen Sharma said...

Dear What'sUP,

Did you happen to speak GAEL management or company secretary on future outlok?

What'sUp Prahalad said...


I have not spoken to GAEL management or company secretary..

=happy investing