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Monday, September 12, 2011

EU Debt, Balance of Payment out of control??

There is a lot of market volatility with regards to "Greek debt" markets are swinging wild. lets look at the real numbers. here is the EU Balance of Payment numbers as reported by European Central Bank.

1. The Balance of Payment for EU27 states is -ve 1.4% of GDP which is very very manageable number.
2. If we look at the "Balance of Trade in Services" there is a positive number of 22.9 Billion and quite stable.

Total balance of payment of -ve 43.2 Billion for Q2,2011 is  only   
-ve1.4% of GDP of EU27 nations. The EU nations are also competitive in services export.

India has a Balance of Payment at -ve7.5% of GDP.. last year's numbers for India was -ve8.6% of GDP. As you can clearly see its once again one of those "Action news" with no real basis for much concern. 

Take your pick of the investments that have fallen. This will pass without any real impact as its a lot of fluff.

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