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Monday, October 03, 2011

Where to get research info for Free.

I was just thinking its very important to learn fishing (investing) so that we can all start fishing.
Here is a list of places to go for ideas.

1. NSE and BSE sponsor research for companies using their "Investor Protection Fund".

NSE Link :  http://www.nseindia.com/education/content/reports/eq_research_reports.htm
(dont know why the link is not working)
This is a better link for NSE (link)

2. Economic Times Top 500 companies in India based on revenues
ET-500 Home Page (link)
ET-500 Complete List (link)
3. Edelweisse Score for Stocks
The good part of Edelweisse site is that they did catch the consolidated data for Jayant which is generally missed by others.

4. MoneySights website.

What I like in moneysights website is that along with fundamental analysis the "Upside Potential"  which could indicate that the stock is fundamentally good but under-priced or over-priced. 

5. Hindustan Bulls : Candle sticks, Technical Analysis.
Sometimes its good to see and get some idea how the candle stick data looks.

6. Money Control: MoneyControl is where I generally start as almost all data is available directly from BSE/NSE

7. GeojitBNP Paribas: What I like is the Market cap data for 5yrs on month-month basis ..which is very important to see to what level the stock can fall (support) and at what price are we getting in.

8. Technical Data: EMA 500, 200, 50 is good for technical related info.

9. Screens to filter stocks based on parameters..

10. Quantitative data for stocks..


Sid said...


Thanks a lot for this post. Which site do you refer to get the historical PE's say for last 5 years. BTW what was GAEL and JAYANT PE's in 2008 crash.

With Warm Regards

What'sUp Prahalad said...


You can get PE from the GeojitBNP Paribas website.. link is provided in No: 7

but here it is once again..

Took time for me to load.. so be patient..

I think lowest PE for GAEL is 3.14
Jayant is 6.28

=happy investing

Sid said...

Thanks a lot Sir,

Ashwini Damani said...

Check this interesting story on God's Existence between a Science Professor and his students...Loved it


What'sUp Prahalad said...

Ashwini Damani:

Actually Good, bad right wrong are constructs of the society..

GOD does not differentiate between right and wrong.

GOD according to me can be best described as "Love"

Within "LOVE" its the love between a mother and a child. Cause however good/bad/evil the child will be .. the mother will always have a feeling of love for her child.

Religion.. rituals.. dictate's are all done to put forth the idea of "GOD/LOVE" in a more palatable manner for the average human being.. unfortunately every interpretation results in the dilution of the core belief.

I hope with the end of the "Cheap Oil"/"Energy" AGE people will once again develop a sense of community and togetherness..

=happy investing

Divyanshi Sharma said...

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