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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jayant Agro: July-Aug-Sept 2012 DGFT export numbers

As most investors following the blog know.. DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) reports export numbers and if we have the IEC (Import Export Code) number for the Exporter we can find the FOB (Freight On Board) Export numbers for the exporter. Jayant Agro Organics IEC Code is available in public domain and it is: Jayant Agro IEC: 0393002047

The DGFT export numbers state Jayant Agro Organics and its subsidiary Ihsedu AgroChem have Export FOB value for July-Aug-Sept 2012 as 460.29Cr

Please note: We have IEC Code for Jayant Agro but not for Ihsedu AgroChem and Ihsedu AgroChem numbers have been assumed based on data for Jayant Agro and hence this is not a number cast on stone .. we can however expect Jayant to report numbers close to the FOB numbers reported in this blog. 

It can have a positive or a negative spin because of accounting..

My personal observation is that most of the FOB are in the category "Focus Product Scheme" which has a FOB/CIF ratio of 50. It is my opinion that "Focus Product Scheme" exports are value added Castor derivatives and result in higher margin product.  

It is however surprising that topline has not increased for Jayant for Quarter ending June 2012 even as margins have improved..   Again my personal opinion is we can expect higher topline growth in the future..

you can right click and open in new "Tab" to see the full size DGFT numbers.

Conclusion: Jayant is just beginning its upward journey and even from these price levels (cmp: 150+) Jayant agro is a multibagger (more than 100% upside potential) SIP in Jayant stock is highly recommended. I think we can expect higher top line and bottom line numbers and a bonus in days to come..



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Jayant Market Cap -217cr
Contingent Liabilities-133.23

can you explain contingent liability ?

Anonymous said...

Contingent Liabilities details given in Note 36 of the Annual Report. Predominantly Bill Discounting Guarantees & Guarantees for subsidiaries.

Anonymous said...

WhatsUP Ji,

Have you gone thru the MoM of AGM? Very very interesting. The Chairman said what you have been saying all these years.

I'm staying invested for long term.

Anonymous said...

Dear whatsupji,

This is regarding GAEL.1)Last qtr Reliance mutual fund sold their stake to promotor.This Rel Mutual fund invested long time back.I am sure they are also keenly watching all fundamental changes in the company then why they sold this critical level( new maize plant and other expansion plan)2) Now promotor is holding 68% stake. they can maximum buy upto 75% as per new SEBI guideline...so just 6% short Suppose if they buy this further 6% then what would be the advantage they are getting?I cant understand why management is not trying to push up their market value..Please share your thought and what will be the outcome next few qtrs

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

which AGM MoM is interesting?..
Jayant or GAEL? Pls specify what is the interesting part.. Since AGM MoM generally are about passing resolutions.. actual discussions about future are not mentioned..

Pls share more details as I donot have any info about the AGM MoM for Both Jayant and GAEL

=happy investing

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Aninymous ji:

thanks I did go through the AGM MoM..

Clearly Jayant Agro AGM has a little bit of meat(data) for investors .. here is the info for blog readers..

Company recorded a consolidated turnover of 1832.26Cr and Profit before tax of 93.90Cr
Net Profit of 31.35Cr
During the prevalent global environment the performance of the company might be considered reasonably well.
Dealing with the global economic scenario, the chairman apraised the meeting that the effects of steroids provided by various goverments by injecting bouts of liquidity and stimulus packages seems to be wearing off, resulting in a slower worldwide economic growth. Sovereign debt and deficits continue to rise amidst an uncertain global environment.
The era of globalization which led to free movement of capital,goods,services and labour intensive production brought growth to the developing countries and cheap and affordable goods to the developed countries. Investments, cross holdings and global capital flows benefitted the world economic environment on the whole.
After long and sustained world economic growth in the last decade growth in the developing countries is slowing down and the growth witnessed by countries like china and india is eluding them.
The low hanging fruits of globalization seems to have been plucked. The improved standards of living is not only putting pressure on the global energy resources but also on the ecosystem of the planet \. There is an urgent need to substitute fossil fuels with eco-friendly materials
Castor oil is an non feed bio-degradable vegetable oil . its natural chemical structure enable it to be modified to substitute several petroleum products
The need of the hour is to have a strong vision backed by pragmatic and consistent goverment policies with more than 75% of the world castor crop in India, the right goverment policies with a focussed approach on value added products based on castor oil is required to give the much needed thrust to value added growth converting India from being and exporter of a commodity to exporter and consumer of speciality chemicals
The chirman also informed the shareholders that your company has been in continious process of expanding its production capacity by backward and forward integration for the value added products/derivatives and emerging as a market leader in castor business. The company's R&D Center is continiously involved in creating innovating and adopting new technologies and products and striving to create stakeholder value. With the waves of globalization, corporate opportunities in India are becomming larger and complex and your company is also taking advantage of the opportunities through its subsidiaries

=happy investing


Anonymous said...

WhatsUP Ji,

BASF is setting up Speciality Chemical plant at Dahej (Gujarat). I am not sure if this is in Castor derivatives.



What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous/joo ji:

yes its quite possible BASFis into castor oil based high end derivatives..

Claris Lifesciences also looks to be a castor oil derivatives player.. how?.. is because I see its using huge amount of castor deoiled cakes for energy generation.. just like jayant..

=happy investing

Vijay Chandrakar said...

Hey Prahalad, I found a great site http://www.valuepickr.com/. This is a asite where people get into serious discussion and do good amount of leg work (e.g meeting the management etc.) I would request you to post GAEL and JAYANT AGRO there.