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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alzheimer's Cure - Chewing Tobacco

.. Looks like chewing tobacco is after all not such a bad thing..recent research has shown that "anatabine" a naturally occuring chemical in tobacco reduces inflamation. So it seems its good to chew tobacco.. and pan(In India chewing tobacco is consumed with beetle leaf and other condiments for taste and fragrance).

Pls note. Smoking tobacco is still injurious to health.. The tobacco smoke is harmfull...
tobacco however it seems does have certain chemicals "Anatabine" which reduce ageing and inflamation as well as onset of diseases like cancer and alzheimers..
there are side-effects of chewing tobacco including the fact that its addictive.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals it seems is testing "anatabine" and Rock Creek Pharamceuticals is wholly owned subsidiary of Star Scientific Inc.(STSI)
Star Scientific actually was a manufacturer of smokeless tobacco products with ticker symbol CIGX and now Star Scientific has decided to close the smokeless tobacco business and concentrate on "neutraceutical" business.

Well did some leg work..  and check out the comments given in GNC  (ratings and Reviews) (link)
 Here is the label..  Pls note its 1mg dose and people are taking 2 tablets 2twice a day..
 The comments are great I just cut pasted a few of them and there are some great reviews..

Link to the research finding in Rosekamp Institute about anatabine and alzheimers (Link)
Investment article about Star Scientific (link)
Anatabine "Anatabloc" Product website (link)
Anatabine Citrate General Info (Link)

Anatabine is also present in other plant products.. like EggPlant, Tomato, Potato, GreenPepper etc
Though the level on anatabine in tobacco is higher (by several degree) compared to other plant produce.

Investors can look at investing in STSI (small amount) and those looking for a cure of alzheimers can start chewing tobacco  ;-) or buy this product (It is not available for Sale in India)

Further digging revealed that the patent holders are mainly Indian's from Banagalore (maybe that's why not available in India)
- Tom Thomas Puthiaparampil, (IN)
- Thomas Kanathkunn David, (IN)
- Muppala Sarveswara Raju  (US)

Also there is a company in India that is already producing Anatabine
Address Clearsynth Labs Limited
413, Laxmi Mall, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri-W
Mumbai-400 053, India
Phone +91-22-26355700
Fax +91-22-26355701
Sales contact Mr Vijay Ambati / Marketing

Homepathy has a tobacco extract "TABACUM" .. in Homeopathy the smaller the dose .. stronger is the medicine (potentcy) .. so the amount of tobacco is minimal.. but the "Spirit" of tobacco is there.. Its worth a try!!

PN: This is my personal opinion based on publicly available information.. I am not asking people to start consuming tobacco products for health benefits. Please make investment decisions or decisions to start consuming tobacco after doing a deep dive...


Anonymous said...

WhatsUP Ji,

Thanks for the research. I remember 70 / 80 year old daadis (old grandmoms) chewing their zarda paans and curious and sharp about the world and relations around them. They were not depressed or senile. Makes sense.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

I recently met my mother's elder sister who also eat's zarda pan.. and is doing just fine..(must be atleast 80 I think)

So that's 2 ..

According to the info inflamation is the real problem.. and when inflamation sets in the body's defense mechanism.. goes about trying to kill the inflamed cells.. unfortunately.. when we grow old the inflamation is every where and then the body can not produce new cells which leads to destruction of complete organs .. resulting in organ failure..

Anatabine reduces the false signals of inflamation and injury .. thereby preventing body's defense mechanism from inflicting self injury..
I think smoking hooka is a great idea as in hooka the tobacco smoke is filtered through water.. which removes all the toxic chemicals..

There is another company called Biotime which has succesfully carried out increase in length of telomerase for iPS cells.. which means in another 5yrs or more we could see complete organ replacement using your own skin cells..and substantial increase in lifespan..

=happy investing

Priya Shah said...

Something new about tobacco...interesting!!

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