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Monday, December 17, 2012

Money Map : Pyramid Scheme/Peak Prosperity

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme talks about the unsustainable economic system which believes in perpetual growth in all things considered.. money, demand, energy.

As we have discussed before in our blog.. energy specially cheap energy has entered a period of perpetual decline and with it this "Ultimate Pyramid Scheme" is about to unravel.. (perpetual demand is no longer sustainable..)

Our best buy choices: GAEL, Jayant Agro Organics, NHPC and Tata communications have been selected keeping in mind a future of dwindling energy resources.

I would say the "Ultimate Pyramid Scheme" is a must read and here is the link http://moneymappress.com/visitors/

If you visit Chris martenson's (one of the original authors of ultimate Pyramid Scheme) blog http://www.peakprosperity.com/ and go through the "Crash Course"  (Link)there is one very important point (other than Peak prosperity crisis unfolding)

What I really liked is
- Growth does not equate to Prosperity
We have been falsely made to believe that growth is required if you want to prosper.
Actually the fact is Surplus equals to prosperity.
Growth invariably comes with increase in cost and most likely there could be growth but no further surplus hence no prosperity.

A Very important concept and also a must read/see http://www.peakprosperity.com/crashcourse


Anonymous said...

WhatsUp Ji,

I'd invite you to read your own post on your website "Decoding Godess Lakshmi".

The problem, I think, is this:

Over Population.
Fractional Reserve System.
Freeloaders & Politics.

If above three are controlled & managed, I think we can have prosperity.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

I cannot understand which comment you are pointing to on my blog article "Decoding Godess Lakshmi"

Yes Over population, Fractional Reserve System I agree..

Free Loader and Politics I donot understand..

Please search "you tube" for
"The most important video you will ever see" Part 1-8"

It talks about limits to growth and growth as negative word..
It is a known fact that India before "Oil and industrialization" was the largest economy in the world for over 1000+ yrs or so... it lost the position to china.. (for 100 odd yrs) and then again regained it for the next few 100 yrs..
Then finally the british arrived and rest is history we are all familiar with..

(This was the finding of a study that was done when suddenly Japan became the most dynamic country in 1980 .. ready to overtake the developed world.. and everybody was surprised and worried..)

India is the largest producer of mentha, castor oil and one of the largest producers of food grains, vegetables and fruits..

As you can see in the latest Dec 20,2012 article neutraceuticals are the "In Thing" but neutraceuticals a.k.a (I would say Ayurvedic medicines)

I think the possibilities are endless.. we just need to apply the logic and "Look Within"

=happy investing

Anonymous said...

WhatsUP Ji,

My reference to "Decoding Goddess Lakshmi" was, (not comment, but the entire article) there are people who innovate and bring out things to world which was hitherto unknown. While resource crunch seems to be on the horizon, I think, humans are creative enough to overcome obstacles.

By freeloaders - I meant, senseless consumption of resources without corresponding output to the system.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

Thanks for clarifying.. The world will go on.. no doubt about that..

Its just that we will see a churn... Right now everything we touch is touched by "energy"

The ratio of energy consumed is very high.. in the future as energy becomes scarce.. we will tend to move toward a more energy efficient .. or worse case energy deficient world.

This will hit the middle/working class the most.. as I expect there will be reclassification of work and certain types of activities will no longer be economical..

As an individual investor we must find a way to position ourselves in areas of strength of the future.. That should be the prime focus...

Right now I feel the high level of unemployment.. rising gold prices maybe indicate that
- "jobs" available for the future is going to be different..
- Gold indicates assets/wealth of the future is going to be different..

Gold is just a temporary store of wealth till the new source of wealth is defined.. and assets get reclassified..

Its interesting that we are in the middle of a major "Churn"

In the good old days.. 60% or more of the population was dependent on farming.. nowdays in developed world less than 10% take part in farming.. due to energy intensive farming ..
Even In india farming is around 40%

We might see re-classification of employment more toward basic services.. else we can expect a drop in food availability as well as world population.

So get ready for a future which is energy efficient or most likely energy deficient.

=happy investing