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Monday, June 10, 2013

Jayant Agro: Latest FOB Data..

Have been digging around and have collected some more info with regards to Jayant FOB export numbers..
Though must state that the data is incomplete with missing days.. I am also reluctant to post raw data as it could be used as a competitive advantage by other castor oil and castor oil derivatives companies..

1. FOB data for Jayant Agro May 4,2013 to June 7,2013 is: 43.22cr Pls note there is data missing from May 21-May 26,2013

2. FOB Data for Ihsedu Agro , May 14 to June 7,2013 is: 77.18cr.. Pls Note that there is data missing for the period May 21 to May 27,2013

Jayant Agro is mostly exporting value added castor derivatives while Ihsedu is exporting low value high volume castor oil and 1st generation derivatives.

USA it seems still takes the cake as the largest export destination for Jayant Agro's low or high value added castor derivatives..

Jayant had 170 different shipments while Ihsedu had 46 different shipments.. All bulk sales seem to be exported from Kandla Port

Looking at May 2013 numbers I think we can expect 400cr + sales numbers for Q1 2014..

PN: This is based on information from various sources and could have errors.. Pls do your own deep dive before investing

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