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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gujarat Ambuja Exports: Sept 2010 Shareholding Report

Sept 2010 Gujarat Ambuja Exports shareholding data has been published.
Salient points are:
- Promoters shareholding:     88,454,060 (+ve 61,105)
- Institutional shareholding:    6,768,734 (+ve 42,250)
- Individual shareholding:     35,284,376 (+ve 81,642)
- HNI shareholding:                2,701,554 (+ve 366,632)

Shares are being consolidated in a few hands:
The Total number of shareholders has reduced:
No of shareholders in Sept 2010: 56,690
No of shareholders in June 2010: 57,654

Shareholding per High Networth Individual has increased:
Shareholding per HNI Sept 2010: 96,484
Shareholding per HNI June 2010: 93,396

Shareholding per individual is also increasing:
Shareholding per individual Sept 2010: 630.65
Shareholding per individual June 2010: 618.21

DII have also increased shareholding
Reliance Growth fund Sept 2010: 6,286,160
Reliance Growth fund June 2010: 6,238,660
Conclusion: There is still accumulation happening in GAEL Stock which means this is not the price to sell.. we can still accumulate more stock at these levels. Target price for GAEL is 60 and 100

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Purushottam said...


Food price rise: Common man’s gloom, boon for Cos..Check link below.. good article..


What'sUp Prahalad said...


The whole idea of inflation is interesting..

Imagine Zero inflation scenario..
everyone knows prices are going to be stable.. demand will be based on true demand of a product..

The rat race will no longer be a rat race as you can effectively predict how much money you would need for things in the future..
Imagine a scenario of consistent inflation say 5% .. now an individual has to:
- earn 5% more every year just to stay at the same level..(causein 14.5 years prices are going to double)
- Accumulate things for the long term (like housing.. and other big ticket items..) cause the prices are sure to increase..
Thus inflation pushes the individual to perform.. exceed expectations just to maintain the same level of prosperity..
unfortunately most people are not geared for this situation..
In this rat race we also loose touch with reality.. in the constant endeavour to move up the ladder.. we miss out the more important subtle things in life..

So though we do see prices increasing.. the indexation to inflation will show that .. actuals gains are really very low..
imagine 16% inflation (we have been experiencing) for 2 years.. a stock which cost 100 moves to 134.56 and actually we are at the same level..

Inflation encourages.. economic activity here and now.. as value of money diminishes..
All said and done in the future I expect inflation to drop .. all because of the "Peak oil"

=happy investing