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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Book Review: Arjuna Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince -By:- Anuja Chandramouli

Arjuna the warrior prince needs no introduction.. the plot is well known and every Indian has heard and read stories from Mahabharata.

Book: Arjuna - Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing www.leadstartcorp.com
Price: 250 INR, 10 USD

the Book : "Arjuna-Saga of Pandava Warrior Prince" is the story of Mahabharata retold. There are number of details which make the book an interesting read, some excerpts from the book..

The first time the Mahabharat was told by Ved Vyasa when great grandson of Arjuna - Janamejaya performed the Sarpasatra yagna to avenge his father's (Parikshit) death.

Dronacharya acquired all the great weapons of great warrior Parashurama as a gift from Parashurama.

Drona gave precise orders to servants: "make sure that Arjuna never eats in the dark. A lamp must always remain lighted for him when he takes the evening meal"  .....Then in a moment of insight Arjuna realized that with similar practice his skill as an archer can be improved a 100 fold and he would not have to rely on his eyes to find his mark.

Kunti said to Surya  'O Lord let our son be born with the celestial armour and ear rings unique to his father so that I will always be able to recognize him as mine'

Sage Narada said to the Pandavas....'Wise men always learn from the lessons history has to offer. It would be prudent to have some ground rules where Draupadi is concerned so that you can avoid quarreling with each other over her'

On being rejected Apsara Urvashi cursed Arjuna to be a Eunuch

Arjuna is given the Bow Gandeeva by Varuna the God of Wind.

Duryodhana's wife Bhanumati suggested we play a game of dice (to Karna) to while away the time.. I had gained an upper hand and became excited by the thrill of it. Suddenly Bhanumati interrupted our game.. I tugged at her waistband to detain her and the delicate garment, embroidered with pearls, ripped, scattering precious gems all over the floor, just as Duryodhana stepped in..Struggling to find words to express... and to somehow apologise for my indelicacy.. Duryodhana pre-empted me and said that those he loved would never do anything to breach the trust ..

Duryodhana remembered that the preceptor of the Asuras, Shukracharya, possessed knowledge of the secret craft of Sanjivani which could bring  the dead back to life.. Duryodhana decided that if he could somehow acquire knowledge of that esoteric craft, he would be able to revive everyone he had loved and lost...

- Arjuna's Story
- Early Days
- Mentor Extraordinaire
- The Honour Student
- The Tournament
- Sworn Rival
- Arjuna Wins A Bride
- Serpent Princess
- The Abduction That Saved The Lineage
- Feeding Agni
- Arjuna's Quest For Celestial Weapons
- Brihannala, The Eunuch
- Arjuna's Charioteer
- Death Of A Hero
- Arjuna Avenges His Son's Martyrdom
- The Possessed & The Pledged
- Kurukshetra
- Duel Unto Death
- Midnight Massacre
- Restitution
- The Final Journey

The great war of Kurukshetra is well documented in this book with the tide turning in favour of one party to the other as the war progressed . The storyteller gives a clear indication that as in life.. things are not always in Black and White but shades of grey.. Pandavas and the Kauravas both are driven into action by feelings of fear, greed and anger..

Indian mythlogical tales impart values of Indian culture, convey subtle facts, rules and maxims to guide our daily lives..  Arjuna compel's the reader to understand that life is a complex bundle of action and its consequences.. and importance of clarity of thought and action, to lead a purposeful life

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