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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Movie: Seven Pounds: Must Watch

Seven Pounds is a great movie. Not easy to forget if you have the patience to see it completely. Sometimes confusing but it all adds up at the end. From the directors of "The Pursuit of Happiness"

here is one of the comments from IMDB:

This movie is one of the best films i have ever watched by far. The direction of the film along with the acting was simply world class. It's an emotional roller-coaster. Yes it is slow, yes it gets a little boring, but whilst your watching the movie your always taking in the story line and my does the movie make up for it in the last 30 minutes when the jigsaw is put together and the full plot is revealed. I think this movie is actually better than The Pursuit Of Happiness which most will know was also a very good film. Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Michael Ealy and Barry Pepper all deserve awards with there 10 out of 10 performances. This movie for me is a must see, i am still actually getting over the film as it quite simply blew me away.

The Song: Have no Fear

The Song: Something Tells Me I'm into something Good!! (Must listen to the song!!)

You can see the trailer for the movie or watch it online (US only)

The movie could turn people off (unethical) but I think its about the circle of life. Life and Death are part and parcel of life.

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