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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Market News: MAN Industries: Poised...

MAN Industries
CMP: 80.95
Market Cap: 443Cr
Reserves: 463Cr
Debt: 308.41Cr
Sales March 2010: 1643Cr (TTM)
Gross profit: 226.89Cr (TTM)
Net Profit : 108.76Cr
Enterprise value 650Cr

was reviewing MAN Industries for one of our blog readers/members..
MAN Industries is doing well has almost 11Cr of forex profits not yet booked.. (as per Sept 2010 results)
shareholding is also getting consolidated  .. along with good cash flows.. all augur well for MAN..
It is not mandatory for consolidated results to be published..on a quarterly basis.. (though might change in the future)

I would say good choice hold on for better price in the future..

I was looking at technical data and stock seemed to be poised for immediate jump in price. I would buy only for short term.. trade.

PN: this recommendation is a short term play..(10-15% spike) company is fundamentally sound .. so we have a fundamental valuation backstop..

=happy investing

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