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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Castor Oil Report - Download link

From Brazil I think ..(Link)
Must download.


Anonymous said...

Whatsup,Hope you still tracking Varun Ind..Look the price !!! 87!!..I am not not surprised even if it touched 50..becasue of managment quality !!I stongly belive, In india...if we consider investment......first not look business..we should look managment quality..thats is very important

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

the thing is Varun was never a serious bet.. and recommended action was wait for dips to buy as it was not cheap..

Yes management is of prime importance.. but there is very little you can know about management .. what is under our control is numbers.. and valuations (EV/Mcap) yes if we have great management then we are lucky..

as mr Buffett said you have to assume that someday a monkey will get a chance to run it..

Having said that I must state that I am pretty pessimistic about growth in general.. due to energy crisis worldwide..

My recommended investment ideas are: GAEL, Jayant, Tata comm and NHPC (Best Buy's) the rest are all short term ..

The major play is energy.. and anybody who has control over energy (GAEL, NHPC) or is a play on energy crisis (Jayant, tata comm)

are good investments.. (so is my thinking..)

=happy investing