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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Jayant Agro Organics: Sebacic acid used in "sustained release" medicine

Now a days all medicines are "sustained release" types.. which means required dosage is released over the period of 24 hours reducing the number of pills and avoid taking excess medicines.. looks like sebacic acid is used in making sustained release medicines 

Carbohydrates are attractive candidates for drug development because sugars are involved in many, if not most, complex human diseases including cancer, immune dysfunction, congenital disorders, and infectious diseases. 

Unfortunately, potential therapeutic benefits of sugar-based drugs are offset by poor pharmacologic properties that include rapid serum clearance, poor cellular uptake, and relatively high concentrations required for efficacy. 

To address these issues, pilot studies are reported here where ‘Bu4ManNAc’, a short chain fatty acid-monosaccharide hybrid molecule with anti-cancer activities, was encapsulated in polyethylene glycol-sebacic acid (PEG-SA) polymers

Sustained release of biologically active compound was achieved for over a week from drug-laden polymer formulated into microparticles thus offering a dramatic improvement over the twice daily administration currently used for in vivo studies. 

In a second strategy, a tributanoylated ManNAc analog (3,4,6-O-Bu3ManNAc) with anti-cancer activities was covalently linked to PEG-SA and formulated into nanoparticles suitable for drug delivery; once again release of biologically active compound was demonstrated.

It seems sebacic acid is used for diabetes treatment also (google search link)

Strong buy for Jayant Agro Organics CMP: 101.40 Market Cap: 151.28Cr.

=happy investing


Aseem Kumar said...

Hi Prahlad... any options trading strategy for this month?? I have been following your blog for a good time now... and your options stuff has been a sure hit...

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Assem Kumar ji:

I still see the range as 5100 and 5600 so strategy:
- Sell NIFTY5100PUT 1 lot CMP: 42.20
- Sell NIFTY5600CALL 1 Lot CMP: 20.50
Total investment 50,000

Earning: (42.20+20.50)*50 - 600 = 2535 on investment of 50,000 which is 5.07%

No Profit or loss till 5040 and 5660 (by end of expiry April 26,2012)

A More risky bet but still worth taking is
- Sell NIFTY5200PUT 1 lot CMP: 64.60
- Sell NIFTY5600CALL 1 Lot CMP: 20.50

Investment: 50,000
Income: (64.50+20.50)*50 - 600 = 3650 return 7.3% in 30 days

No Profit no Loss till 5115 on lower side and 5685 on the higher side (on the end of expiry)

=happy investing

Aseem Kumar said...

Thanks Prahlad... You might also have heard of a website called moneysights.com What are your thoughts on their recommendations (highest upside potential)?

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Aseem Kumar ji:

How is Japan holding up after the Fukushima incident? I was in Japan in the year 2000 for maybe 10 months..

With regards Moneysights.com. It will give you fundamental picks.. which is a mechanical process..

Just like trading blackboxes.. you will get insights based on fixed parameters..

The important key is to get an understanding of the intent .. which is not a mechanical process..

if you can get additional insights from reading annual reports.. announcements.. promoter stake increase..pledges... as well as industry or high level macro issues (peak oil.. Iran..Financial crisis etc).

The key is to weigh all this and its impact to your investment Idea.. and then make a decision..

for Eg: it is said that by 2025 personal vehicle population will rise from 20 per 1000 to 60 per 1000 in India.. which is great for auto.. but considering the global energy crisis and the fact that alternative energy sources for transportation did not really fructify.. It would be foolish to get into auto stocks.. however fundamentally sound they may be.

So intelligence (fundamental analysis data ) along with insight is the key..

=happy investing

Aseem Kumar said...

Thanks again, Prahlad! Japan has coped quite well despite the uncertainty which is still looming over the nuclear stuff. Things are mostly back to normal even in quake-affected areas... but still dicey in the places near the reactors. Anyway, thanks a lot for your advices. I have been an avid follower of your blog and find it extremely interesting and informative..