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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jayant Agro Organics: PA12 shortage Castor Oil Derived PA11 in demand

March 31 explosion at chemical maker Evonik Industries AG halved the global source of an ingredient used to make the resin, called PA-12.
TI Automotive Ltd. warned its customers in an April 12 letter of severe shortages interrupting production “in the next few weeks.” The Auburn Hills, Michigan-based company supplies brake and fuel lines, as well as fuel tanks and pumps, to all major automakers, including General Motors Co. (GM), Ford Motor Co. (F), Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen AG (VOW), according to its website.

It seema PA11 (PolyAmide11) is a replacement for PA-12. PA-12 manufactured from Crude oil while PA-11 is manufactured from Castor oil.. A Comparison of the 2 shows PA-11 infact being superior to PA-12 

PA 11 is a high-performance technical polyamide 11 polymer developed in 1942. It is produced from castor beans. Its properties are basically similar to the PA 12. The resin has earned a preferred material status in the most demanding applications due to its excellent combination of thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Good impact strength at low temperatures (-40°C), good chemical resistance 
and low humidity absorption (only 1/6th compared to standard PA 6) are outstanding characteristics of the material.

Check out PA-11 Data..  (Link)

BloombergNews Link about shortage
Jayant at CMP of Rs104/= per share  and market cap of 155Cr is ultra Cheap as Castor oil Derivatives are used for high performance plastics.. and a replacement for crude in the chemical industry..

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