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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jayant Agro Organics: Star Trading House, April 2012 FOB Data

According to Director General of Foreign Trade.. Jayant Agro Organics is status holder as "Star Trading House" valid till 2017

Link to original Document: (Link)

A Star Trading House category needs exports of 2500Cr FOB value in current + 3 yrs ie past 4 yrs (Taken together) which translates to about 625Cr each year.. 

We need to look when Jayant enters into Premier Trading house category 1,875Cr exports every year for past 4 yrs..Jayant should reach that in next 3 yrs as we have already crossed 1770Cr in March 2012..

Link to Original Document: (Link)

Jayant Agro Organics has the IEC Code: 0393002047
Now last time the concern was what is the FOB value of exports.. we had the license numbers and  CIF Value.. The DGFT website has the provision where you can enter the License Number and the IEC Code and you can get the FOB Value of the export. 
We already have the facility for determining the License number for Jayant Agro
VKUY and FPS April 2012 (Link)
DEPB April 2012 (Link)

So we can use Jayant Agro Organics  IEC Code (0393002047) and License Number from the above links and get the FOB Value at this Link

So now we can get the FOB value which should translate to sales numbers reported by Jayant 

Now just to get everyone up and running I have collated the FOB data for April 2012 for Jayant Agro Organics here it is.. (You can validate by following the process mentioned above in red)

So as per the DGFT Export license issued in April 2012 Jayant has FOB export sales of 242.07Cr in April 2012..
  PN: As per my communication with Jayant management (for Jan-March 2012 Sales figures) there is a misinterpretation by me of the License and FOB Data issued by DGFT.. (for Jan-March 2012) (comments section of previous post link)

Last post we had discussed about a google search to find the license data.. well DGFT has provided a link where you can get the license data.. (Link)

VKUY and FPS data is under: (Duty Credit Script Link)
DEPB is under DEPB Link)

So no need to google search just go to DEPB website and get the latest data..

PN: These are my personal views/interpretation about publicly available information... please do your own deep dive before investing.


Anonymous said...

Dear WhatsUP,

I am amazed at your tenacity to understand numbers of your investee companies.

I admit I am not able to fully understand what you have painstakingly tried to explain. But one quick question: Is your new calculation in line with what has been reported for Jan-March Qtr by JAOL

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

Yes its confusing .. cause its not Step 1,2 and 3

they are much deeper like step 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 maybe upto 12 steps or more

According to me JAOL profits are much higher.. and Q4 Sales (Jan-March 2012) should have been close to 500Cr and profits 35Cr

PN: Management has clearly stated that there is a misunderstanding by me on the export numbers for Jayant .. and 500Cr is more like 6 months export figures..

This blog is not just for other investors its primarily for me to find the information..this blog is a repository where I can always go back to and get the data..

People say .. individual investors spend less time in buying stocks that they spend in buying consumer durables (TV,Mobile,Cars).. well not in my case.

=happy investing