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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jayant Agro Organics: May 2012-CIF,FOB Data

Director General of Foreign Trade has published Export data for Month of May 2012 
as per DGFT data Jayant has Export FOB (Free On Board)for May 2012 at 187.59Cr 
You can get the info at DGFT Website (Link)

License no info for Jayant is available here (Link)
IEC Code for Jayant is: IEC: 0393002047

Here is the processed data (May 2012) for every one..

April 2012 FOB Data was: 242.07Cr (Link)
May 2012 FOB Data is: 187.59Cr

PN: This is publicly available information on the internet and there is a possibility of misinterpretation and misrepresentation.. Please do your own deep dive before investing.


Anonymous said...

Dear WhatsUP,

Many thanks for keeping up-to-date. In order to see the data, I've to right-click and open in new tab. Otherwise, the Javascript is displaying calculation very small.

Is Sales = FOB or
Sales = FOB minus CIF?

Anonymous said...

And oh, the May figures are half month? If you see, the dates are after 14th May.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

the data is for the full month.. maybe their exports by chance are clubbed in 2nd half..

Sales=FOB-CIF (I have no idea.. but then CIF is a small fraction of FOB so should not make much of a difference..)

Yes opening up the image in new tab you can see (zoom in to 100% size) the actual data..

=happy investing