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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jayant Agro: Castor oil Shoes by Nike!!

In the name of environmental concern Nike!! is also making shoes with Castor oil derivatives.. 
unfortunately nobody publishes the real reason.. new EU Regulations (REACH) which would force companies to label their products as carcinogenic or can cause birth defects.. 

Good news for investors in Jayant agro Organics the largest castor seed processing company in India. 
Here is the news for all..


Nike Introduces Sneakers Made Of Beans & Recycled Bottles

The iconic sports brand successfully creates a football shoe that built with sustainability and speed in mind.
Nike has launched the Nike GS in London, a football cleat the company is heralding as the ‘lightest, fastest, most environmentally-friendly production boot the company has ever made.’ The lightweight shoe weighs in at a mere 160 grams and features recycled and renewable materials throughout its body.

The laces, lining and tongue of the shoe are made from a minimum of 70% reused plastics, including recycled water bottles and polyester, and the traction-plate on the shoes is made from 50% renewable Pebax® Renu, a plant-based material composed of 97% castor beans. The result is a shoe that is lighter and stronger for the athlete, and more sustainable for the environment- using the castor beans makes the shoe 15% lighter than traditional cleats while the beans also require much less water to grow than other natural materials. The Nike GS are also chemical free, and the Kangaroo leather in the shoes are made with 35% less carbon emissions than traditional material. Andy Caine, global design director for Nike Football, says of the Nike GS:

The Nike GS is the lightest and fastest football boot we’ve ever made and really defines a new era in how we create, design and produce elite football boots. When you can deliver a boot that combines high end performance and a low environmental footprint that’s a winning proposition for players and planet.

Only 2012 Nike GS shoes were made; they will be available for purchase through Nike.com and selected online retailers for 300 USD beginning August 15th.Nike GS

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Anonymous said...

WhatsUP Ji:

Already have about 5K shares of JAOL. Unfortunately could not add more as money is tied in few other scripts (not bad themselves, but JAOL is juicy)

I get a feeling, JAOL will become a niche player, if they keep their heads cool in these volatile days. Something like Bosch. Niche player who makes good fuel systems.

Lets see.

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Anonymous ji:

JAOL does not have the expertise for end product manufacturing.. so most likely we will not see something like "automotive parts like fuel system manufacturing"

yes they could provide customized resins which will be customized as per industry requirement and be the one stop supplier for "Resins" used in "Fuel system manufacturing" by auto parts manufacturer..

The demand for sebacic acid and its salts are very high.. and first we should see 2500Cr-3000Cr sales target for year ending March 2013.

As far as amount of JAOL stock.. well its still available at a great price considering its position in the industry.. (if sales are going to be 2000Cr+ current market cap of 190Cr is 1/10 of sales.. very very Cheap!! (long term debt is less than 10Cr all current debt is basically working capital..)

I would say 90% JAOL is the target investment ratio in one's portfolio... after all the data we have JAOL can easily be the multibagger we are looking for..

And Once we know its a great stock why restrict yourself..

=happy investing

Sid said...

Whats'sUp Ji,

I have equal exposure to Jayant and GAEL. Jayant with 20% profit and GAEL with 20% loss. I am planning to reallocate from GAEL to Jayant. What should be the percent allocation between two. I do understand it's my money and i am responsible for the decision. Just seeking your opinion.

Thanks and Regards,

What'sUp Prahalad said...

Sid ji:

lets say if I had free cash of Rs 1 lakh.. to invest right now.. I would invest 100% in Jayant.

having said that
- GAEL is close to its low
- promoter holding at 68% is higher than promoter holding in Jayant.
- looks like GAEL is giving dividend in Sept also..
- fundamentally GAEL is on a stronger wicket.

Yes personally I am willing to take a bet on Jayant which is close to its previous lifetime high's due to "Peak oil" and EU Regulations..

=happy investing

Anonymous said...

Hi. Mailed u this morning . Any reason for fall with higher volumes . Can I add more at these levels. Pls suggest.

WhatsUp said...

Anonymous ji:

I did reply back to an email addressed to my email id:- whatsupprahalad@gmail.com

Jayant is a great buy at current prices.. 120-125/=

Strong Buy!! Strong Buy!! I think we can target 300 then 500 and finally 1000.. Its just the willingness of promoters

=happy investing