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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jayant Agro: Castor Oil: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology: Hyderabad

This is a presentation given in Solvent Extractors Association: Castor Oil Global Conference in 2011
by Indian Institute of Chemical Technology: Hyderabad with regards to Castor Oil.

I have put all the slides.. just to keep the flow of the presentation..
What I find interesting is:
- Castor oil  Bio-refinery
- Various new technologies available with IICT-hyderabad.
- Castor oil is a source for the preparation of thousands of derivatives to replace petroleum intermediates.

I remember Jayant management talking about using enzymes as catalyst for getting castor oil derivatives as the next step forward for Jayant Agro.


ttthakur said...

Thank You, Sir, for free regular important updates.

T T Thakur

What'sUp Prahalad said...

TTThakur ji:

if you see Jayant Agro charts for 10 yrs every few years Jayant goes up to 110-120 levels..

cmp:89 Mcap: 132.53cr

past 2 times in 4-5 yrs it has been going up to 140 levels.. so one should continue to hold and not book any profit .. target is clearly 130-140 for jayant .. next 8-10 months

=happy investing