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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12.5% monthly return:SELL NIFTY JAN-4600 PUT @ 76.5

This is next leg of recommendation for short term.. 12.5% till end of Jan 26,2012. in 29 days..

4600 PUT available at 76.5 can be sold at current levels.. buyback at 2 or less..

Return 76.5-2 =74.5 x 50 = 3725-600(transaction cost) =3125 on investment of 25,000

that is a return of 12.5% in 29 days..

NIFTY 4700 PUT will be a sell tomorrow (Dec 29,2011) at any price below 10 or wait for target buyback Rs 2/=
PN: suggestion is only for one lot of NIFTY PUT. One can also select these options..
NIFTY-4600-PUT JAN @ 76.50 make 3125 on investment of 25,000 return 12.5%
NIFTY -4500-PUT JAN @ 55  make 2050 on investment of 25,000 return 8.2%


My Own World.......In My Own Words said...

Hi Pralhad,

I have sold the put at 87 rs today only one lot....Hope it turns out good.

What'sUp Prahalad said...


Well 4600 @87 means you will not make losses even if NIFTY Closes at 4523.. (other than transaction cost..)

so its a safe bet (that's my take..)

=happy investing

My Own World.......In My Own Words said...

Hi Pralhad,

Booked profits today, bought the Put at 49.00 today. So, in all a profit of 1750.00. Will again follow this strategy if 4600 Call touches 90-100 price range again.

THanks for the call.

What'sUp Prahalad said...


See.. the time value component has lost some value.. so even though the index might fall to the same level as last time.. the NIFTY-4600-PUT will not fall to 87..

So for NIFTY-4600-PUT to fall to 100 will be a little difficult..

Keep the buy rate based on Index level.. ofcourse .. 4600PUT should be at a price greater than 49..

Congratulations on your 1750 profit on 25,000 investment thats 7% in 1 week!!

Great !! Congrats.. Dont spend but roll it for future investment (A tough act.. but worth trying..)

at 7% per month compounded for 4 yrs.. 25,000 becomes 6,43,222!!

See the big picture!!..

=happy investing